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BHC Electrical serves homeowners who are building a new home or have built on a new room and need comprehensive electrical wiring done. Whether installing new lighting fixtures, installing electrical outlets or adding new interior lighting, we’re there for you.

We pay attention to our client’s every electrical requirement to ensure the highest level of satisfaction. We also ensure that the little electrical details are catered for.

Other services we provide:

Power Failures Service
If your power outage problem is not a municipal problem (such as an account problem, area problem, pole or a faulty substation, etc.), we can assist by getting your electricity up and running again. If the earth leakage/main switch in your DB Board is tripping the power, there is usually an underlying problem, and our qualified technicians will find it and repair it according to industry standards.
House wiring and rewiring
Many of the older homes have old wiring that needs replacing. BHC Electrical also does the wiring for newly built homes and buildings, using the correct types and sizes of wiring according to industry standards.
Upgrades/Installations of DB boards
DB boards have to be examined and regularly maintained to prevent any possible electrical problems. A faulty DB Board can turn your home into a fire hazard! Or it could cause you having no power! Our qualified technicians specialize in rewiring old DB boards, updating any old wiring practice and revising or simplifying any abnormalities.
Installation of plugs and lights
We install new plug points and light points, which include the cabling. Extending a plug or light point is what we do.

Here at BHC Electrical, our friendly electricians can tailor our services to suit your needs.



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